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Gettin the shakedown from your old lady, who leaves you stranded on America's longest main street, COLFAX AVE.


I searched every motel on Colfax
for your pink malibu
I got tricked by a monte carlo
off of Webb Pierce avenue
I searched high and I searched stoned
under the neon lights for a clue
In every motel parking lot on Colfacx
for your pink malibu

I searched every honky tonk house on Colfax
for you and your big top hair
i left every bar empty handed
and with a full belly of beer
I asked every drink slinger behind every bar
and anyone who'd pretend to care
if they'd seen you honky tonkin on Colfax
you and your big top hair

Down the boulavards of used cars
where the swindlers cut their teeth
Payday loan sharks and bail bonds men
said they seen her working the streets
I'm following her trial of cheap perfume
And her shade of lipstick on Virginia Slims
but its not the girl that girl that I must find
Its my guitar JIMMY MARTIN signed!

I searched every pawn shop on Colfax
for my Gibson B15
All I found was a bunch of high ballers
selling rusty out of tune dreams
I showed 'em all a copy of the police report
and they showed me our wedding rangs
So I'll just keep on walking up and down Colfax
Lookin' for my B15


from How do you do, Ladies and Gentlemen? I'm Alexander Lee McQueen., released January 28, 2015
Music and lyrics by Alexander Lee McQueen
Recorded by Ryan Payton



all rights reserved


Alexander Lee & Thee Vatos Supreme Bloomington, Indiana

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